Personality Quizzes: your personality scanner chatbot review

Personality Quizzes review
Personality Quizzes review


The bot is designed to identify your personality and make guesses about your likes or dislikes.


As a personality quiz bot, Personality Quizzes is built around conversations. The bot tries to identify your personality - what kind of guys you like, how you like to dress, how you like to spend time and so on and, in the end, it suggests something you fit or like - a particular celebrity, favorite spare time, dog breed etc.

The whole bot is a sequence of separate quizzes with different purposes and endings.


To be honest, we were surprised by Personality Quizzes and give it a solid 4-star rating.

The bot is full of really interactive and engaging questions. There are plenty of funny gifs, it’s very well built and works without any issues.

The only drawback is that Personality Quizzes is built for girls. It’s so touching and romantic that your heart melts as you move through.

We like Personality Quizzes. It stands apart from other quizz bots and deserves your attention.