Florence Chat: your medical adviser

florence medical adviser
florence medical adviser


The bot will remind you of when to take medication, provide general information about diseases, check your symptoms and gives suggestions about a diagnosis.


The bot provides users the option to visit florence.chat website. It also gives users access to the following other options.

The options are:

  • Medication reminder - Users input their gender, time zone, and schedule. They then will receive reminders regarding their medication.
  • Information - Users can make use of this tab by searching through a wide range of information, even information outside the medical field. Users search for information by typing in keywords.
  • Symptom checker -  Users input their age, area of a symptom (skin & general, head & throat, chest & back, arms & shoulder, abdomen & buttocks, legs), and more details about the pain level.
  • Find location (asks a kind of place you are looking, gives you locations, proposes to send your last symptoms results to the location
  • Deletion (eliminating the bot)



This is a beta version when we are reviewing.


The interface of the bot is attractive and user-friendly, the questions to you are relevant.


Medication reminder works well, all the details are seemed to be considered.


Information option surprised us with providing information for any request, not just medical issues. The chatbot probably sources from an encyclopedia, e.g. like Wikipedia.


Symptom checker is the most difficult function for a bot like this. We have already tested several healthcare bots and need to underline once again that the information such a bot gives about your diagnosis is not final, you should accept it for further consideration only and go to a doctor. Swallowing pills with reference to a chatbot diagnosis is not a good idea. The developers of this chatbot do understand it. Nevertheless, some conclusions on possible diagnosis have not been done by the chatbot. I.e. the chatbot asks right questions, but finally can give no result. On the other hand, a lot (most) of diagnoses have been guessed. Well, this is a beta version, we would be interested to check the version after finalrelease.


Find location function works well, many locations and doctors were proposed. It would be interesting to have a function to see more information about short-listed doctors, their skills and experience. Frankly, we have not fully understood the  principle the chatbot chooses and recommends doctors...  


Generally, the chatbot has enough features to be popular.