Zookinator: will guess an animal you're thinking of

guess animal
guess animal


Answer all the bot questions, and it will guess the animal you are thinking of.


Once you start the bot, it asks specific questions and gives you  YES, NO and  DON’T KNOW buttons to answer.

In the end, it submits a photo and a species name.


The accuracy of the final result definitely depends on your answers; answering  DON’T KNOW will not give you a correct species name. Sometimes, answering YES and NO do not work for a correct bot conclusion either. The bot, usually, guesses an animal but not rare or outlandish ones. We feel that the bot’s algorithm is getting more and more effective, we can even talk about the artificial intelligence as the developer states.

As to our opinion, the bot will mostly be interesting for kids of 3-10 years old and we noticed that the kids were happier when the bot  did not figure out the animal correctly.  We are giving it 3.51 stars.