Urban Book: will give you meaning of a word/phrase/term

words meaning
words meaning


A kind of a modern dictionary bot wil give you the meaning(s) of a word/phrase/term you type in.


Just type in the word phrase or term to learn its definition.

The menu includes the following buttons:

  • Prev! (shows previous page of the meaning)
  • Next! (shows next page of the meaning)
  • Example! (shows an example of a word typed in)
  • Random! (shows a random word and its meaning)
  • Help! (shows a brief description of the bot’s features and how to use them)


3 stars


This type of bot is definitely useful. The definitions are usually very complete and detailed. Unfortunately, there are still many words and phrases the bot can not explain. Hopefully, this is just a question of time, and the creators will work to add more words and phrases to the bot to make it more comprehensive.