Baby & Kids Free Parenting Advisor: will assist to raise kids

assist to raise baby and kid
assist to raise baby and kid


The bot advises and helps you with raising and training kids duly.


The bot menu includes the following buttons:

  • Options (to follow channels and send feedback)
  • Baby (shows stories about babies)
  • Toddler (shows stories about toddlers)

For every button above, there is a function “Follow” that enables you to receive new personalized recommendations.

Having typed in “Show stories” , you receive several icons (cards)  with headlines. Should you find the topic interesting, you can tap “View more” to be redirected to a Facebook page for the full article.

The best way to receive articles on an issue is just to type  in a question. The bot submits the results found. The number of results varies from 1 to 5-6.


Articles indeed describe a problem and propose solutions. Nevertheless, for some issues, no relevant answers are given. In some cases, we needed to rephrase a question to receive an answer.  Generally, the bot is useful, with a need for improvements, to search the correct  answers in all cases. We believe this is a matter of time. Thus, we are giving it 4 stars.