Feed Reader Bot: websites updates informer chatbot review

FeedReader Bot
FeedReader Bot


The bot enables you to access your RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube accounts.


FeedReader supports major functions regarding adding, removing and managing information sources:

  • Add channels and feeds
  • Remove channels and feeds
  • Cancel operation. This function ends adding or removing your feed list
  • Enable notifications
  • Disable notifications
  • List all present feeds in the current setting
  • Import feeds from an external file
  • Export feeds to an external file
  • Search for feeds
  • Help provides information on bot’s functions and examples how to apply those functions


Our team likes FeedReader bot very much. The idea of having notifications from RSS, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube accounts at one place is very appealing.

At the same time, there are several shortcomings:

You should be careful with feeds and accounts you add to your list - it’s very easy to get over contacted, notified and spammed;

Functions for managing feeds leave a lot be desired:

  • All Functions organized as “Command Lines” instead of bottoms
  • “Cancel” function is confusing and it’s unclear what, where and when it applied
  • “Search” for feeds brings surprising and mostly irrelevant results
  • “Help” is a short list with examples rather than a manual

Nevertheless, although it’s a bit confusing to handle, FeedReader is good bot with nice idea. It will save you a lot of time and keep you updated. We strongly recommend to give it a try.