Anyweather: weather forecast chatbot review

Anyweather chatBot review
Anyweather chatBot review


AnyWeather will provide you with the weather forecast either for today or the next 5 days.


AnyWeather provides you with several functions:

  • You have the ability to select a location that you would like to get weather updates for
  • You can select Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • You can request the weather forecast for today, tomorrow or the next 5 days


AnyWeather is rated as a 4-star chatbot. The only drawback,we can see, is that it presents the weather forecast in a text format which is slightly outdated. On the other hand, AnyWeather has several strengths:

  • It works well and there are no malfunctions
  • It even identifies very small towns and cities
  • It’s very simple and intuitive
  • The forecast is reliable

In the end, we like AnyWeather - compared to other weather chatbots, it’s outstanding.