The Weather Channel: weather forecast chatbot review

Weather Channel Bot Review
Weather Channel Bot Review


The bot is directly affiliated with and updates you on weather conditions at a location.


Just as any bot The Weather Channel bot provides you with the following functionalities:

  • Start. From the very beginning the bot initiates a discussion and asks you to type in your zip code or city name. The Weather Channel makes suggestions for your location, offers different options; such as  choosing cities with similar spelling and it even recognizes small towns in the middle of nowhere
  • Forecast. For your selected location, you can get an update for the current conditions, a 3-day and a 7-day forecast. There is an option for 10 days but it forwards you to the Internet site
  • Change location - you can chose a new location
  • Set broadcast time. You can choose at what time to get weather update in the morning
  • Disable broadcasts
  • Settings. You can activate the settings by clicking at the chat line


The Weather Channel bot is, definitely, a 5-star application. This is the one of the Weather bots we have reviewed. The biggest strong points are the following:

  • The Weather Channel bot offers you very advanced searching functionality
  • The weather updates are graphical
  • The bot automatically detects whether to use fahrenheit or celsius for a selected location
  • The manual is very simple and intuitive

Having done several reviews of Weather bots, we couldn't find drawbacks in this application. Maybe, in the future when new bots are developed, The Weather Channel will scale down but for the time being this is the best Weather bot.