Netflixnewsbot: updates from Netflix chatbot review

Netflix news bot
Netflix news bot


The bot sends daily updates about new Netflix series, documentaries, movies and shows.


Netflixnewsbot is a notification bot. It’s primary goal is to send you updates on new films and shows available in Netflix. As an application, Netflixnewsbot provides you with the following functionality:

  • /start - initiate your subscription for notifications
  • /browse - go through the latest notifications one by one
  • /region - you can select one or several geographical regions
  • /stop - block notifications on new releases
  • /feedback - you get the link to the Telegram bot store where you can enter your ranking
  • /help - this command evokes a list of commands you can apply in the chat line


We rate Netflixnewsbot as a 2-star application. The main reasons for such low rating are the following drawbacks:

  • The “command menu” is not really user friendly
  • The Netflixnewsbot seems not to be associated with Netflix. Most of the links provided lead to the main Netflix site and not to the  movie’s pages
  • There is confusion in managing your “regional” subscription - adding and deleting doesn’t work properly
  • Some times notifications are repeated several times

All in all, Netflixnewsbot does it job - you get the latest updates from Netflix and not that much functionality is required. At the same time, the bot is a bit messy and confusing. You should try other options as well.