Streaks: to-do list chatbot review

Streaks Bot Review
Streaks Bot Review


The bot reminds you about things you want to on a daily base, and may work as a habit developing tool.


Streaks is a very simple bot and works like this:

  • Start. Streak brings you several long messages explaining how it works and asks what you wanted to be reminded of tomorrow;
  • Reminder. Having typed what you want to do, the bot asks if you have done it today and if you answer yes, it slips back into reminder mode;
  • Stop. After each reminder interaction, you are offered option to “Stop streak” - basically, to deleted latest topic from the reminder.


Our team gives Streak a 1-star rating. The main problems with using Streaks are it’s simplicity and lack of manageability.

The bot brings, on a rotating 24-hour cycle, reminders until you delete it. Is it useful? We doubt it. Are there better options available? For sure.