Smokey: Air Quality Bot: the real-time air quality in a city

the real-time air quality in a city
the real-time air quality in a city


With website bot, you will be kept updated with the real-time air quality in a city and get recommendations of goods that can help protect from air pollution.


After downloading and opening the bot, users are asked to type in their city. Then the bot shows icons with pollution results from their city. The results measure different types of pollution: Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Tiny particles, Tiny tiny particles, Ozone, and Sulphur Dioxide. Each icon has a description of general pollution level and description of a specific type of pollution. Users can click on these icons to read the results. The results for the specific pollution types depend on the city and vary from 1 to 6 different types of pollution. Users can also choose to be alerted when the air becomes unhealthy in their city.

After showing the pollution results, the bot gives the user the option, “Protect myself”. Users  can browse among the categories: Face Masks, Air Purifier, and Indoor Plants. Users can have the option to click “Buy Now” and “Learn More” about each good. If users are interested in making a purchase, they are redirected to a website or app (e.g. amazon) where they can buy the item.


We are giving it 3,51 stars.


We liked the idea of the bot, especially, the feature that allows users to see the pollution level in their city. Unfortunately, there are two things about the bot we disliked. The first is, the number of cities is limited. Hopefully, the range of cities will be increased some day. Secondly, the number of goods offered by the bot is limited. The website seems to have a better selection than the bot. If the bot developer fixes these two shortcomings, the bot will be much better.