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nba info


Stay updated about the NBA top plays, NBA finals, key and important information about the NBA draft picks.


Once you start the chatbot, it offers you a list of commands; examples for the NBA Finals 2016, NBA Draft 2016, and  NBA Draft selections from the past 40 years. We recommend that you type in commands that are close to the examples. For instance, if you type in “NBA draft”, you will be asked to search for a NBA Draft pick’s name or select an option from “the Draft Board” (the option was out of order when reviewing the bot)  and “Combine Mixtape” (this option leads you to a YouTube page; to view videos).

If you type in a year, a list of players drafted in this specific year are shown.

After typing in “Game /number/’’, you choose what you would like to see from the game: Highlights, Mini-Movie, Best of Phantom. Every option gives you relevant results to watch. You can, also,enable alerts for many of the options.


There is something we liked so much: the communication was a kind of a dialog, we typed in words and received feedback. Maybe we are a little bit tired of chatbots with button options only. Nevertheless, there was something wrong with a few of the functions. It took us some time to make a decision whether it  would be 4 or 5-star scoring (4 because of the insignificant malfunctions) and finally gave it  5 stars; hoping that the chatbot of a popular basketball game will find the resources to fix the malfunctions. If they do not fix it soon, we will change it from a 5 star to a 3 star rating :)