Candie’s + Fifth Harmony: stylish quiz chatbot review

Candie’s + Fifth Harmony Chatbot Review
Candie’s + Fifth Harmony Chatbot Review


This is a quiz bot to run through a simple questionnaire to choose correct multiple choice answers about the popular pictures and videos.


Candie’s + Fifth Harmony is built around the following interaction structure:

  • Starting the questionnaire. To identify your style, the bot will ask you about your winter accessories, shoes, favorite gifts, musicians, etc. It will make suggestions and initiate the quiz
  • The quiz. For each picture or video you will be asked a question and are given 2 multiple choice options to answer. Correct answers raises your score. Raising your score, presumably, opens access to premium content
  • Scorecard. This function brings you your total rating of Candie’s + Fifth Harmony users and gives you the possibility to share it with your contacts in Kik
  • My points. The bot will show you your current number of points


Our team scores Candie’s + Fifth Harmony as a 3-star bot. It’s not bad. There are several interesting features:

  • It is targeted to a female audience
  • The quiz seems to be extensive and its’ content is contemporary
  • The bot has the functionality to share results with other Kik users

At the same time, some questions are repeated and, to get a high score, you will have to spend a lot of time with Candie’s + Fifth Harmony.