Style q + a: style advice chatbot review

Style q+a  bot review
Style q+a bot review


The bot advises you on style and beauty issues.


Style q+a is a chatbot that functions in the following way:

  • The bot initiates a discussion and leads you to 2 options - asking or answering questions
  • Either options evokes a discussion when, to most of your questions, the answer will be “I don’t know”
  • For some of the bot answers, you are given options to answer “Like”, “Dislike” or “Flag”


Our team ranks Style q+a bot as a 1-star application. The main drawback is that the bot is intended to chat interactively but fails and conversations seem useless. Every chat we had lasted without end, without content and without purpose.

We think you should skip Style q+a and look at something else.