Nerdify Bot: study assistant and converter



Being a study assistant and a converter bot, it will answer many questions regarding history, physics, biology chemistry, and mathematics.


After getting started, the bot shows what it can do: you can see an example, see more examples or ask a question yourself.

When you ask a question, you receive a brief answer, then ask for more information on the issue, assess the answer  “Not what I expected” or “Thanks, great answer”.

The menu button allows to choose:

  • Learn what I can
  • Ask a question
  • Subscription
  • Contact the team
  • Share the bot

Generally, the interface is simple.


The only inconvenience we faced was getting used to the data input format. It is not always clear how to type in a chemical or math equation. You will need to ask for examples to learn how to ask  a question correctly.

Some complicated questions are not answered, you get a philosophic quote about the subject of the question.  

Nevertheless, we noticed that the bot is being improved and it’s answers are becoming more and more closer to how a human being would answer. It has  good potential to be an advanced chatbot.

The chatbot can be really useful.

So, we are giving it 4 stars.