Ways We Work: stories from professionals chatbot review

Ways We Work Bot Review
Ways We Work Bot Review


The bot is associated with the waywework.io website and sends stories and interviews about/from  professionals and persons in various occupations.


Ways We Work is very well structured and works in the following way:

  • Start. From the very beginning Ways We Work asks you thetopic (professional occupations) you would like to chose - Communicators, Designers, Photographers, Founders, Freelancers and Creators
  • Topics. Having selected one particular topic, you will get one article (a direct link to waywework.io) and options: Another interview and Something else
  • Something else. By activating this option, you have 2 options - more interviews from individuals in the selected occupation or team reviews that specialize in the selected occupation
  • Browse topics - it brings you to the starting menu


Our team gives Ways We Work bot a 5-star rating. What we like the most is the content. The bot is an extension for wayswework.io and it brings you excellent articles and interviews on selected occupations. Articles and interviews highlight professionals who speak about their jobs, nuances, trends, peculiarities and so on.

If you are a young professional and want to grow you will find useful and interesting people from your industry or occupation.