Funny Or Die: short funny videos chatbot review

Funny or Die bot Review
Funny or Die bot Review


Funny or Die bot sends you funny videos and GIFs.


Funny or Die is built around 5 video stories which are basically anecdotes. Options to navigate the bot are the following:

  • Make me laugh - brings you a short video, usually a well-known funny video
  • Exclusive - brings up a  menu with 5 major video stories
  • Funny - add similar gifs or short videos
  • Die - stop sending me gifs or videos like this one
  • Share - enables you to send the latest videos to your contacts


We would like to rate Funny or Die bot as 3-star application. The most appealing feature of the the bot is that the videos that it brings are really carefully selected and some are very funny. Another appealing feature is the possibility to share videos with your contacts.

At the same time, Funny or Die lacks focus - it’s not a GIF library, there is no SEARCH function and it’s unclear what it intends to do.

In the end, it has some nice features - but it’s not enough. You can give it a try, but look at other bots as well.