OMG Sales: shopping chatbot review


The bot keeps you updated on clothing deals at website.


OMG Sales bot works in the following way:

  • Start. At the very beginning you get an introductory offer - a small picture with a direct link to
  • Main menu - to select a category, you need to type something into the chat line. The menu has 3 categories - Men’s, Women’s and Kids clothing
  • Categories. Clicking on any category brings you a short message with a picture, a short description of an offer and a direct link to To scroll through categories’ offers, you click the “More offers” button


Our team ranks OMG Sales bot as a 4-star application. It’s a professionally designed and built bot. It brings you real deals and you may find it useful. At the same time, there are several minor drawbacks:

  • To get to a menu , you have to type something in the chat line
  • Offers displayed are randomly selected and are not always relevant

So, all in all, we find OMG Sales bot a useful tool to hunt for deals, but you may find it difficult to get what you want and/or need.