Retale: shopping chatbot

retale bot review
retale bot review


The bot will provide with  information on shopping in your area.


First, you are asked to type in your ZIP code or location. We recommend ZIP code. Then, some options will be displayed:

  • Popular Deals Nearby
  • Your Shopping List
  • More Commands

Having chosen Popular Deals Nearby, you can see icons with products of different kinds; for every icon you have options: Open Ad, Get Store Details, Add To Alerts. “Open Ad” shows the ad details; “Get Store Details” option shows address and store hours. “Add To Alert” option sends you news from the shop.

You can also type in a name of an object of interest to get info, eg. nearest shop or a drug store, etc.

Category Your  Shopping List will save desirable items in the list. For every such an item you can get product offers.

More Commands will let you

  • Receive latest offers nearby - ‘Offers’
  • Search a retailer - ‘Retailer Name’
  • Search a store - ‘Store Name’
  • Search a product - “Product Name’
  • Receive coupons - ‘Coupons’
  • Manage your shopping list - ‘List’
  • Manage your alerts - ‘Alerts’

So, all the commands are easy to remember.


The chatbot has been a pleasure to review. Moreover, some of our friends started using it and are happy. There is nothing we dislike. Besides, we noticed that the developer does their best to improve the chatbot and make it even better, faster and friendly. We consider the bot to be successful and has capability to satisfy the highest demands of consumers. 5 stars!