B&H Search: search at bhphotovideo.com

B&H Search Bot Review
B&H Search Bot Review


The bot connected to www.bhphotovideo.com will put appropriate search results into your chat with other Telegram users.


Although the whole idea of the search is quite complex, B&H Search works in a surprisingly easy way. There are only 2 options - “Lets go” and “Rate us”:

“Rate us” would bring you to the Telegram Store bot where you could leave your feedback on the bot

“Let’s go”:

  • It brings you a list of your contacts from Telegram and you are supposed to activate a chat with one of them
  • In the chat line, you need to type in the stuff you want to buy
  • B&H Search brings you list of gadgets that meet your search criterion
  • You chose the suggested item and the ad for this item is sent to your contact



We give only 2-star rating to B&H Search bot. This bot is built by a serious internet site (bhphotovideo.com) but there are serious flaws and limitations.

Let's start with the positive features. The most striking thing is how easy it is to use the B&H Search.

On the weak side, there are serious drawbacks in the searching options:

  • The search is limited only to bhphotovideo.com
  • You can search brands and product categories but not particular products or items - no detailed searches
  • The bot can only  be used to send ads to your contacts
  • The bot’s search results are different from the searches on the site

In the summary, there is big gap between what you need (a product) and what the B&H Search does (advertisment). You can give it a try, but don’t expect too much.