GrowthBot: sales and marketing professionals assistant

growthbot review
growthbot review


As a business chatbot connected to many smart business systems, GrowthBot will assist  you with finding and acquiring information for marketing, sales and promotional purposes, ask questions or even ask for a joke.


First you are asked to give the bot a hint or choose a Random Example that enables you to understand the general principles of the chatbot answering. Should you like the random example, several icons with articles are displayed  to choose from.

If you choose Give me a hint, you can see many commands to try. There a few command categories: Marketing Examples, Analytics Examples, General Examples, etc. These are useful  to realize how to type in the correct wording to get the best answer.

So, now you can make requests; based upon your interests. Information seems to be rather sufficient up to detailed data on a specific industry, company and groups of companies. Actually, all you need is to compose a proper request.

Recently, two new skills were added: the chatbot can now tell about pay-per-click keywords a company is buying and you can now ask about top marketing/sales products.


We must confess that, after reviewing many simple chatbots,  our first impression of GrowthBot was that it is rather complicated. You will, definitely, need some time to get used to but this is a business chatbot for smart people; not a two-step game bot.

We have only positive comments about the chatbot. It is not perfect by far, some questions have not been answered but, once you study it, you will use it;instead of turning to different Internet tools. As we noticed, the chatbot is being improved by the developer, and our best guess is that this is an endless process for an intelligent bot. We can anticipate the GrowthBot developer’s ideas, we dare to state that it has a huge potential  and the developer’s  proper pace will allow it to be famous and popular business chatbot. That’s why we give 5 stars…