MyCookBot: recipes chatbot review

Cook Bot
Cook Bot


The bot assisits to find recipes, dish names and detailed instructions for cooking.


To use MyCookBot, you  utilize the following functions:

  • Start. To start the bot, at the first launch, you will need to press the Start button or type something in the chart line
  • Search for a recipe. Although MyCookBot claims it enables searches for dish names and ingredients, that’s not entirely correct. You can’t search for ingredients, although searches for names are quite extensive
  • Select language. MyCookBot enables searches in both Russian and English. You are asked to chose your language preference at the start or you can change lit ater by applying the command /setlang. It’s worth noting that the Language Selection concerns the that  language recipes are going to be shown in . You can Search in both languages
  • Navigate Search. You leaf through the search results by pressing the icons at the bottom; either left or right
  • Search for dish pictures. Just click on “Google images” at the end of selected recipe
  • Add a selected recipe for favorites. Click at the bottom “Add in favorites” at the end of selected recipe
  • Watch recipes you marked as your favorites. You click on “My favorite recipes” to evoke a list of recipes you marked as such


We rank MyCookBot as 4 star application because the list of options for recipes is quite extensive and the offered recipes are very detailed; both in ingredients and the step-by-step instructions. Additionally, it’s nice to make your favorite dishes and have them at your fingertips when you need them.

At the same time, there are several drawbacks:

  • Searches for ingredients - although MyCooBot claims it does searches for ingredients; in fact it doesn’t
  • Searches for dish names is not really advanced. If you look for basic names like “salad”, “sandwich” etc., you will get lots of different options but if you look for something specific, you may be disappointed
  • The bot searches and presents recipes only in English and Russian
  • Navigation with bottoms and commands - that’s a little bit confusing and not really user friendly
  • From our point of view, the offered recipes are a little bit too complex and too professional

All in all, if you like and frequently search for printed recipes, you should, definitely, try MyCookBot. It gives you a lot of detailed recipes.