FreeBooks: reading for everyone chatbot review

Free Books Bot
Free Books Bot


The bot is searching on the Internet and downloading books in different formats.


FreeBooks bot is very simple to use and it performs 2 basic functions - Searching and Downloading books.

  • To start Searching, you need to type in the name of the author or the name of the book you are interested in. The search query runs through the “author name” and the “name of the book” for each word you type in, so the “search results” are extensive
  • To Download the desired book, you click on the offered link, FreeBooks asks you to choose the desired format and asks you to wait for your link. After several minutes, you get the link for your download and the book is saved to your hard-drive


Our team downgrades FreeBooks Bot considerably because it communicates with the user in Russian. This is the major drawback. In addition, we would like to stress the following:

  • To make it more targeted, we believe the “Search” function should be limited to the “author” or the “book” name but not both as it is right now
  • It seems that FreeBooks searches mainly Fiction and Drama books - the most popular categories. You can hardly find specialized literature with this bot

At the same time, FreeBooks has several unique features:

  • It has very wide range of searches
  • It searches books in all major languages
  • It provides books in all major formats and you can chose what you need

In the summary, if you are looking a book, you are not afraid of basic commands in Russian, you should try FreeBooks before going to other options. It may save you lots of stress and time. It’s ready at hand, it’s very easy, it gives you all the formats you need.