Trivia Blast: quiz chatbot review

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Trivia Blast, as a quiz chatbot, offers you 10 groups of questions - General Knowledge, Game of Thrones, Games, Sports, 90s, Technology, TV, Soccer, Movies and Kpop.


Trivia Blast offers you very basic but practical functionality:

  • Start. You activate your bot
  • You chose 1 of 10 quiz groups you like by clicking Play
  • You select 1 out of 3 of the multiple choice answers and get your score - 10 questions for each section
  • You can change the quiz group or continue with the selected one


We rank Trivia Blask as a perfect 5-star application. What we like the most:

  • There are 10 quiz groups
  • It has a big library of diverse questions
  • It’s visual, interactive and easy to use

If you like quiz chatbots, Trivia Blask is the one you need. It’s one of the best.