Andy | Learn English: practice English chatbot review

Andy Learn English Bot
Andy Learn English Bot


The bot assists you to practise English.


Andy English Bot was built as a chat bot, you just start by exchanging greetings. The bot will imitate discussions and after several interactions will allow you to play games or do exercises.

After having chosen topic you are going to get lots of exercises with examples and explanations when you make mistake.

To stop flow of exercises you will need to type in “stop” and Andy English Bot will initiate new conversation. That’s basically all functions available.


We score Andry Learn English as a 4-star bot. We like it because of the 3 main reasons:

  • This is one of the most worked-out conversation imitating bots. Conversation is extensive and not sophisticated which is important for you as a beginner
  • Andry Learn English bot gives you really extensive number of exercises for each topic and explains mistakes
  • It’s great to enrich your vocabulary;

At the same time, Andry Learn English bot has some downsides:

  • It’s useful to polish your BASIC communication skills. You can practise Present Simple and some Past Simple and no more
  • At some point the bot will ask you to donate money or watch add - which is a bit strange.

By and large, if you are looking for some help to improve your basic knowledge of English - you should definitely go and spend some time with Andry Learn English.