Poki: poki.com game chatbot review

Poki Bot
Poki Bot


It is an advertisement bot for poki.com games website.


As an advertisement bot Poki does, basically, only one thing - it gives you a short description of free games available on poki.com and it functions in the following way:

  • Starting - Poki initiates a discussion, sends you jokes, asks for your feedback and introduces the first game
  • Chatting - the bot exchanges jokes and meaningless questions with options for you to give a feedback
  • Advertising - each ad brings you a picture of the game and a link to the site where you can download that game
  • Ranking and sharing - after each game, you are asked to rate the game or send it to your friends


Our team gives 2 stars for Poki. We like the idea of advertising free games from Poki.com but the way it’s done is a bit troubling:

  • You see random offers and presented games - you have to spend a lot of time searching for the ones that you may like
  • Conversation with the bot is pretty much useless
  • Sometimes you are directed to the games that are designed for Viber or Facebook Messenger

In the summary, you may try to use Poki to find some nice free games but it could be a better idea to look at poki.com directly.