Nearby Bot: place searcher chatbot review

Nearby Bot review
Nearby Bot review


The bot helps you find places to go to for entertainment, eating, supermarkets and speciality food stores.


Surprisingly, Nearby Bot makes its’ searches with only  two words/options - first, a specific food name or type of kitchen, second, a city you would like to find place in. The bot is organized in the following way:

  • Introduction. Nearby Bot sends you a short intro on what it does and how to make search
  • Search. You type in type the cuisine or name of a specific dish and the city name
  • Search Results. Nearby Bot brings you several places with ratings from Google Maps and prioritises them; according to the ranking, presents you a short intro to the place with a picture and offers a direct link to Google Maps


We give Nearby Bot a well deserved 4-star rating for. It has cool functionality to find an interesting place in a new city. Nearby Bot is an extremely easy to use bot wtih just two options - food and place.

A small drawback, we would like to note is that there are a limited number of options/places the bot brings you - in some places, like NY, the number of options are sufficient but, for others, they can be surprisingly small.

In any case, we find Nearby Bot extremely useful - it will come handy to find a new place to visit for good food and there are no competitive bots right now.