Hello Jarvis: personal reminder



This is a reminding bot.



Having said “Hello”, the chatbot proposes to name your city to set timezone.

Next, it gives an example of a reminder or type “help”. The HELP menu has three options: See my reminders, See an example, Reset my timezone.

In due time the bot reminds you with a message in the chat, something like “Hey, you asked me to remind you to …”



Generally, the chatbot works, reminders are sent. It is very simple.

Can it be competitive with other chatbots? Is there anything to make us choose this bot? ...Not really. As to our mind, eg. Reminder app in iPhones is still #1. But having notices many icons under text line, we may suppose this chatbot to have more useful functions in the future. Today they appear to work, but it is not clear what for: if you tap a smile, a gif , etc.  the bot says it does not get you. So, we are looking forward to all ideas of the bot working properly and putting 2 stars.