H&M: official chatbot review

H&M chatbot review
H&M chatbot review


As the official chatbot of H&M, it navigates your search through different outfits and directs you to the proper area of the site to purchase the items you like.


H&M bot has the most advanced and the greatest functionality we’ve dealt with. The bot leads your through the following options:

  • Defines your sex and style
  • Suggests outfits that consist of 4 related items and the total price
  • You can like or dislike the suggested outfit
  • Disliking the selection brings a new outfits
  • Like evokes 4 options:Shop - direct link to the H&M internet shop;Save - you can save the outfit;Share your outfit on social networks or by other means;Next outfit brings you a new suggestion


H&M is definitely a 5-star bot. This is very serious application with a very complex and well thought out design. We would like to stress the following:

  • It’s extremely easy to use
  • H&M bot offers you a very advanced library of styles and possibility to play around styles and different items
  • The bot brings you directly to the place where you can buy items you like

We couldn't find a single drawback. H&M is an ideal solution for those who want to update their own wardrobe and stay tuned to new trends.