Notifications Bot by Hooks: notifications chatbot review

Notification Bot by Hooks Review
Notification Bot by Hooks Review


The bot sends notifications about all major events, TV Shows, Movie Releases, Sports Results and Games, Videogames, Music Albums, Concerts and Weather alerts.


Notification Bot by Hooks provides you with serious predefined functionality.

From the very beginning, the bot offers you an automatic notifications catalogue on the following topics:

    • Most popular - you can select most popular alerts; generated by other users
    • TV Shows - you can select notifications for approximately 40 of the most popular TV shows and serials
    • Best Movies - releases of new movies with more than a 7-star rating in the IMDB
    • Sports Results and Games - you get alerts of games and results of Soccer, Football, Baseball, Basketball and  Hockey. For each selected game, you can choose among the most popular teams
    • New Video Games - you will be able to select platforms games you are interested like PS3, iOs, Wii U etc.
    • Music Albums - alerts are available by Artists, Best in all genres and Best in different genres
    • Concerts - you need to select your location city, get a list of concerts and chose the alerts you need
    • Weather - for your selected location, you can chose alerts about Ice, Rain, Snow and Temperature Drops

My notifications - list of all alerts you selected and you can delete those you don’t need anymore

Search - you can search for alerts by artists, locations, teams etc.


We give Notifications Bot by Hooks the highest 5-star rating. This is one of the best bot available on the market. What we like the most is the following:

  • Notifications Bot by Hooks has really excellent content - it knows the best films, albums, teams, games etc.
  • You can really localize your interest
  • The bot is perfectly built and designed - as a result,  it works perfectly

The drawbacks we found are minute:

  • Weather notifications are slightly unusual options - like “Temperature drops” or “Ice”
  • Search results bring a little bit messy results
  • Predefined detailed lists are looped and sometimes we found it confusing

In the summary, Notifications Bot by Hooks is really the top bot. The bot knows what is hot and popular, it knows what is going to happen in your area and will notify you in advance. We believe that most of you will find Notifications Bot by Hooks as very useful.