NDTV: news from famous Indian channel

famous Indian channel
famous Indian channel


The bot sources the news from ndtv.com (one of the most famous Indian channels).


After you start, you choose an option (Top Stories, Trending Stories, Latest Videos) or type in a topic you are interested in.

For every option, you see several headline news stories; identified by icons. The Full Story button allows you to read the entire news story; the highlights button gives you a brief text of the news. Generally, the options Top Stories, Trending Stories and Latest Videos returns the same news with insignificant differences.

Typing in a topic, gives you 9 results (usually). As a rule, you are given news and stories about India first; especially  if a topic is somehow related with India.


We tested the bot for a few days, Visited ndtv.com and read news there. The bot is good. We guess it is popular in India or has a chance to be. Testing the bot from US IP addresses may not have been ideal but there were malfunctions and errors. We weren’t able to read some of the news or get a full story. 4 stars.