The Wall Street Journal: news chatbot review

The Wall Street Jornal Chatbot Review
The Wall Street Jornal Chatbot Review


The Wall Street Journal chatbot will keep you updated on top news from


The Wall Street Journal chatbot brings you 3 basic functions:

  • Top news. News is presented in a line that can be scrolled horizontally. Four or five stories are displayed and there is an option to load more
  • Markets. The chatbot presents update on Dow Jones, NASDAQ and S&P 500. You will be able to go into details for each indices and follow quotes on a daily base
  • Help. This function evokes the following options: Activate Top News, Activate Markets, Manage alerts (Breaking News, News digest, Daily portfolio update)


We rank The Wall Street Journal chatbot as a 5-star one. Our team liked the most 3 things:

  • It’s very well designed
  • It’s very simple to manage
  • News alerts and updates work perfectly

One minor drawback, that we noticed, is that to switch between the 3 main functions, you will have to scroll through them all. All in all, if you follow Business News and use Facebook Messenger, you should try The Wall Street Journal bot - it’s very good.