Trump Talk: news about Trump's activities


You can get news about Trump's activities, as well as chat with real bot users.


Several Trump’s jokes, and you are in. The news and stories are from top media and can be read one by one. The bot sends you a card you can tap to read on the web. As well, you can read the article (button “Read here”) in the bot (it is a brief article); to choose another news, you are to tap “Next Article!” button. Also, there is an option to discuss a story (“Chat about it”).

To get help, you type in “help#” any time. This allows you to choose: Report user, Get my own bot, I’m confused. If you ask for help in the live chat, you see three buttons: “...see some news?”, “...continue chatting?”, “get help?”.


This  is, simultaneously,  an entertainment and news bot, although it is limited to Trump’s name. The news is sourced from famous reliable media  (CNN, NBC, The Week, etc.). Jokes and GIFs are relevant. The chat function does not seem to be popular, talks are trivial, there was nothing about a policy or Trump. Trump’s fans and followers might  love  the bot, others would try it as another way of having fun. We hope that the bot will not lose its popularity after the elections, Trump still has so much to say, now as the U.S. President.