Sneaker Bits: new sneakers chatbot review

Sneaker Chatbot Review
Sneaker Chatbot Review


Sneakers Bits, as an informal chatbot,  will inform you about newly released sneakers from various major and famous brands.


There are just a few functions in Sneakers Bits:

  • Give me news. It selects several articles about sneakers - from new releases to specialized topics like running (Check it out - read the article;Yeah cool - will bring new sneakers releases;Nah, I’m good - stop and don’t send me anything)
  • Release Dates. It will bring new sneakers releases for a certain date (Yep/No or Sure/No thanks - these options will bring you additional set of releases or articles or not if you say No)
  • Whassup - it will bring you topics “Give me news” or “Release Dates”, depending on what you’ve seen last


We would like to rank Sneakers Bits as a 3-star application. It’s a very interesting bot with a very narrow focus, which we like, but there are several drawbacks we would like to stress:

  • There are 2 separate pieces of content (articles and releases) and it’s a little messy to handle;
  • There are some options that lead nowhere;
  • New releases on models give neither a short description nor links to anything - you will have to search for yourself;

So, it’s a nice idea, but it leaves a lot to be desired. If you are thinking about buying new trendy sneakers, you might want to try SneakersBits.