PronunciationBot: multilingual correct pronunciation chatbot review

text conversion into speech
text conversion into speech


The bot delivers the correct pronunciation for selected words, group of words and sentences in 84 languages.


PronunciationBot provides the following 3 basic functions:

  • Selecting language. You need to type /language in the chat line to evoke the language menu and select one option; among the 84 languages offered
  • Pronouncing wanted words and sentences. Type in the command /pronounce and, in the menu, type the words or sentences you need. The bot brings the correct pronunciation as a short media file
  • Feedback. By applying the command /feedback, you are able to send a message to the developer of PronunciationBot


We rate PronunciationBot as a 3-star bot. We like the overall idea, and there are several interesting features:

  • This are many languages you can get help for
  • The media files you get are of very good quality

At the same time, there are serious flaws in the bot:

  • You need to use commands to navigate PronunciationBot; which is outdated and not user friendly
  • The bot returns to the start menu after each interaction, which means that to use it you have to type in the  commands each time and every  time

In the summary, if you have to communicate in a new language,you may find PronunciationBot useful, but you should realize that the bot is not the easiest to use.