The White House: message to U.S. President


It is a White House chatbot enabling you to send your messages to the U.S. President.


The chatbot starts asking questions. The first one is «What would you like to say to President Obama?». Then, it asks to confirm your message text, submit your contact information (mailing address or email). After submitting these, you will see a video about how important your opinion is for the President.

Besides, the menu may redirect you to the President's Facebook page or to official website of the White House.


The chatbot is another «fashionable» channel of communication with the U.S. President which can not be ignored. 7.1 million people like the chatbot  and we must confess the channel is rather good. It will find more and more fans among young generation.

The chatbot is not complicated.We still expect it to send updates about the President's activities, respective news , etc. When reviewing the chatbot for the first time, we gave it 4 stars. As experience shows, this chatbot should have a 3-star rating. We said: "Should we receive evidence that the President read our messages and when we start receiving daily news, there will definitely be a 5-star assessment", but we have not received evidences. So, 3-stars will be enough.