Dictionary Bot: meaning of words chatbot review

Dictionary Bot
Dictionary Bot


The bot explains the meanings of many terms and words in English.


The main purpose of Dictionary Bot is to give you explanations so it works in the simplest way possible - you send a single word you want to understand the meaning of and the bot sends you all possible meanings.

There are 2 options like /rating and /review but it seems these functions don’t work properly.


Our team gives a pretty decent 3-star rating for Dictionary Bot. The bot has such strong sides as:

  • It provides you with various meanings for the most sophisticated and modern terms in English
  • It’s really easy to use

At the same time, there are serious downsides:

  • It’s very narrowly focused
  • The bot performs only one function
  • It interprets only a single word

So, it’s fairly mixed. Dictionary Bot does what it’s intended to but you only use it rarely. You may need it, but not that often.