Sephora: make-up advices chatbot review

Sephora Bot Review
Sephora Bot Review


The bot gives  tips for your face, eyes, lips, hair and nail care, along with related products. The communication script includes product reviews and related articles as well.


Sephora is built around the following functions:

  • Start. From the very beginning Sephora identifies your style - your age group and type of cosmetics you prefer
  • Tips. This option contains the following areas: Tips for your overall, face, eyes, lips, hair and nail care. Each area above contains specialized product offers and tip reviews
  • Navigations buttons


We rank Sephora as a 5-star bot. It is narrowly focused on a female audience and it seems to be very useful. In addition, we would like to stress the following features:

  • Sephora contains a very big and comprehensive library for beauty tips and related product reviews
  • Content is very relevant, graphic and to the point
  • The bot functions perfectly

In the end, we recommend Sephora to a female audience. Even when you are sophisticated enough you may find it’s useful. You should give it a try.