Secret Admirer: love confession chatbot review

Secret Admirer Review
Secret Admirer Review


The bot enables you to anonymously communicate with people in your KIK contact list.


Secret Admirer is built to perform in the following way:

  • Start. The bot informs you about what it does and invites you send somebody a secret romantic message
  • Send note. You select someone from your contact list, write them a  message and send
  • Paying. Secret Admirer offers you 2 options: Send your message with 50/50 chances of being disclosed; You pay with Kik points and your message is sent anonymously


We give Secret Admirer a solid 4-star rating. We would like to stress that the bot is very simple and narrowly focused, but, nevertheless, it would enable you to share your feelings with somebody in your contacts while staying unnoticed.

The drawback is that to stay hidden you need to engage in Kik Points bot and earn those points.

In the end, if you need to approach somebody with romantic feelings while staying hidden you will like Secret Admirer. If not, it’s useless.