God: links to heart-warming stories

heart-warming stories
heart-warming stories


You will be receiving links to heart-warming stories, usually with ads of religious goods for purchase.


No specific menu is available. Users can not select when the material arrives or what is sent by the bot. The bot sends users whatever it wants, whenever it wants.


In marketing and concept category we may give this bot 5 stars. However, for the concept implementation we rate this bot as only 1 star.


We spent 2 months attempting to understand the purpose of this bot. The bot name is very ambitious, and at first we took it for a bit blasphemous. Even today we are not fully aware of the developers’ real intentions. We do however, think the bot name and concept are perfect, from a marketing standpoint. On the other hand, we do not think the bot is making use of its full capabilities. We would like to see the bot offer more than just simply sending random stories and ads. As for the review date, it is the most surprising and strange bot - “terra incognita”. We are still watching it.