JokeBot: jokes sender chatbot review

JokeBot chatbot
JokeBot chatbot


The bot sends jokes.


JokeBot is one of the simplest bots on the market and it works the following way:

  • The bot sends you a joke
  • Another one - you request a second joke
  • JokeBot sends you a question, first part of the joke, and asks you whether you need an answer
  • You request an answer
  • The bot ends the joke with the answer
  • You request a new joke - it can last as long as JokeBot doesn’t run out of predefined anecdotes


We give JokeBot a 1-star rating. We couldn’t find anything special about the bot:

  • We found the jokes too simplistic
  • There is no options to tune or manage JokeBot

All in all, it’s up to you whether to use it or not. We recommend that you do not to waste your time.