Wirkn Jobs: job search chatbot review

Wirkn Jobs  Review
Wirkn Jobs Review


The bot is assiciated with wirkn.com to assist you to find a job in a certain city.


Wirkn Jobs works in the following way:

  • Start. You have 3 options from the very beginning: Search for a job; Do a quizz; Do nothing
  • Search for a job. You have to type in the city you are looking for a job in and then you offered 6 categories of jobs - Retail, Server, Cashier, Sales, Restaurant and Customer Support. For each cateogory, you are presented job opportunities, one after the other, with a short intro, a picture and a direct link to wirkn.com
  • Do a quizz. It’s the entertainment part of the bot and it brings you questions to verify various aspects about you and then Wirkn Job makes suggestions about your personality


Our team believes that Wirkn Jobs deserves a solid 3-star rating. What we find appealing is the following:

  • It has new functionality that allows you to search for jobs via bots
  • Wirkn Jobs brings you real job opportunities

As drawbacks we would like to notice the following:

  • The bot is relevant only if you are in US
  • The whole structure with a quizz is a bit strange
  • There is too much attention put into visual job ads the bot brings you - we find a little bit irrelevant
  • Jobs categories are very basic and it only offers low-paid, temporary jobs

All in all, Wirkn Jobs is a nice idea but it leaves a lot to be desired. You can try it but you should lower your expectations.