Factpedia: interesting facts chatbot review

Factpedia Review
Factpedia Review


Factpedia sends you funny and interesting statistics about everyday life, as well as will tests your knowledge.


There are 2 basic functions:

  • Tell me a random fact - it brings new, funny and interesting facts
  • Test my knowledge - you are asked questions and given 2 options - True or False - and, depending upon the answer, you will be given a Factpedia score


Factpedia truly deserves a very solid 4-star rating. What we like the most is the following:

  • Facts that Factpedia brings are really funny and entertaining
  • The bot is very easy to use

As a drawback, we can stress the overall irrelevance of Factpedia scoring, but that’s a very minute drawback.

In general, we recommend Factpedia to everyone, who from time to time, needs to fill some spare time. The content it brings is really cool.