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International Movie Database
International Movie Database


Sourcing from www.imdb.com (International Movie Database), the bot will provide you with info about a film.


Users just type in a title of a movie to get information about it, they also get a link to the respective page of imdb.com.


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Generally, the bot gives pretty detailed information about each movie. However, for movies with the same titles, users will get a description of one movie only. In this case, the bot prompts users to type in the title and year of the movie production. This is probably difficult for most users, because truly, who remembers the exact production year of most movies? If users were to know the exact production year, they probably already know too much about the movie to be looking up information about it in the first place.

Unfortunately, the bot will not give information about an actor/actress. Users will only be able to get information about a movie with his/her name in a movie title.

Well, it was a nice try but many will still use imdb.com instead of this bot.