Mall of America: ideas what to do at Mall of America


Get hints and ideas about what to do at Mall of America.


The bot will lead users step-by-step through questions to understand what they are interested in. It asks the following questions:

  • What activities you want to get information about? (Children or Adults)
  • How long will you be with MoA? (A Few Days, The Whole Day, Multiple Days)
  • What’s your idea of fun? (Shopping /Fashion for Him, Fashion for Her/, Sightseeing, More Options /Eating, Being Entertained/)

For every option, the bot sends users advice via text.


3 stars


Generally, the bot uses correct algorithm and gives fairly good recommendations. Frankly, we expected to see more than just a text with advice. We think some kind of graphic or photo would be very useful and fun along with the text recommendations. As it is now, the bot is a little bit boring.