AstroFunBot: horoscope chatbot review

AstroFunBot Review
AstroFunBot Review


The chatbot will bring you today's horoscope and its daily updates.


AstroFunBot is a very simple bot and works in the following way:

  • It asks you for your astrological sign, offers you options and sends you your horoscope for the day
  • By clicking on the chat line, you call up a menu: Get Your Daily Horoscope or Change Sign


We would like to give AstroFunBot a solid 4-star rating. Although it’s very simple it works the way it’s supposed to - it brings you your daily horoscopes.

We can’t judge the content, it’s up to you, but AstroFunBot deserves your attention. If you like reading horoscopes, you should have a look at AstroFunBot while comparing it with others.