Inspiration Bot: happy memes chatbot review


The bot will  send you decorated quotes on selected topics.


Inspiration Bot works in the following way:

  • Getting quotes. At the very beginning you are offered to select one of the 8 inspiration topics. Clicking on any of the topics opens a beautifully designed picture with a quote, followed by an option to select a new category
  • Surprise me. This option brings you a randomly selected quote on a beautifully designed image
  • Options. You are brought to a manual with the following options: Report a bug; Terms of use; Back to main menu


We would like to rank Inspiration Bot as a 3-rank application. There are several options we like:

  • It’s very colorful and nicely displayed
  • It’s very ease to use
  • There are 8 different topics to choose from

The main drawback, we noticed, is that Inspiration Bot has a limited amount of quotes for each topic, but it may grow in the future.

In summary, if you use inspirational quotes in your chats, you might find it useful. At the same time, don’t expect too much.