Stop, Breathe & Think: guided meditation for the mind and body

guided meditation for the mind and body
guided meditation for the mind and body


With many types of meditation and sounds, the bot can help you relax with guided meditations.


When users open the bot, they are asked how they feeling mentally and emotionally. There are 5 choices given. The choices for the user’s mental state are: great, good, meh, poor, and rough. Users are prompted to choose one of these to describe their current mental state. There are also choices to describe user’s emotions. In the same fashion, users are prompted to pick an emotion that accurately describes their current mood. The choices this time are: happy, hopeful, grateful, calm, open-minded, loving, tired, and sad. Users are also given the option to type in up to 5 additional emotions or emojis. Then the bot suggests a mediation they can listen to on the app. This meditation suggestion is based upon the answers given by the user.

The menu button has the following options:

  • Check in- Users set their current mental and emotional condition and in turn, receive a corresponding meditation type, which they can listen to using the bot.
  • Pick a Meditation- Users select a meditation and listen to it, using the bot.*
  • My Progress- Users can monitor changes in their emotional and mental health.
  • Notifications- Users can set weekly notifications, cancel notifications or change their timezone by selecting this button.
  • Feedback- An email address is provided for users to send their feedback.

*List of meditations:

  • Body Scan (8 min)
  • Cause and Effect (6 min)
  • Change (6 min)
  • Commonality of Suffering (6 min)
  • Compassion (6 min)
  • Engaging Your Senses (6 min)
  • Equanimity (6 min)
  • Falling Asleep (3 min)
  • Gratitude (5 min)
  • Great Compassion (9 min)
  • Joy (5 min)
  • Kindness (6 min)
  • Mindful Walk (4 min)
  • Nature Sounds (3 min)
  • Relax, Ground and Clear (6 min)



We like the idea of the bot. Hopefully, a lot of people find it useful in their everyday routine, as well to help manage the stress they experience in their daily lives. We did notice that the function, “My Progress” is based upon the user fairly evaluating themselves, which may not always produce a true representation of authentic progress. We would also like there to be an option to choose different voices of the turator. More nature sounds would be a nice addition as well.