Logo Quiz Game: guess a logo chatbot review

guess a logo quiz
guess a logo quiz


This bot offers you a logo, or a part of a logo, and 4 variants for the answer to guess the brand name.


Logo Quiz Bot is a very simple interaction quiz. To launch the interaction, you just need to type anything into the chat line and press Enter. Regardless of its simplicity and limited number of quiz logos, it offers very interesting functionality:

  • Inviting friends. Basically, it means just sending the link, to the bot, to your contacts in the messenger and they can activate the Logo Quiz Bot too

It offers 3 levels of complexity: (Basic level - for each logo you need to choose the correct name among 4 variants; Hard - you are offered 6 variants with answers; Insane - you have to type in, correctly, the name of the brands).

  • You can see rating for other top users of the Logo Quiz Bot. To activate this function, you need to type in command /invite or wait until this command appears beneath one of the logos in the quiz section
  • You can stop the Logo Quiz Bot just by leaving it as it is or return to the stop button and quit

With the Logo Quiz Bot, you get notifications from TechCrunch News, Football Quiz and Country Quiz - most likely, these are bots developed by the same group of developers.


We would like to rank Logo Quiz Bot as a 3-star application. We would like to stress that this bot has the following strong sides:

  • It’s very easy to start and run the quiz
  • It has a big set of logos for the quiz
  • The bot intents to network with your other contacts
  • Logo Quiz Bot has several levels of difficulty

At the same time, this application has several weak sides:

  • Although it’s very easy to start and run the quiz, the whole interaction is built as mix of commands and buttons - which is confusing
  • “Invitation for friends” just means sending a link of Logo Quiz Bot to your contacts
  • You get ads from the bot’s developers

Just, in the end, Logo Quiz Bot is a very simple and easy application. You can spend time with the bot, play with the difficulty and improve your brand recognition.