Classical Music: global heritage tracks

classical music
classical music


The bot allows to find classical music tracks.


After you start the bot, it offers you random music  or you can send music to friends. You may  choose a track among four tracks and request another random 4-track result or type a composer’s name or a composition title.

All tracks have to be downloaded first before playing.

Should you try function “Send music to friends”, you have to choose respective friends and a random 50-track list.

We noticed that there is no scrolling function when listening music intended to be sent to friends.

You can also send a music to a friend by typing “@music “ after choosing a composition in a tracks list.


It was a good idea to create a bot for classical music fans. There are fewer problems with copyrights,  but still there may be problems with related rights . We may suppose that the developer  had a wish to make a bot for all kinds of music, but changed its mind because of the copyright issues.

Some compositions seemed to be converted into digital form from 45 rounds-per-minute records.

Despite of some search troubles (we did not quickly manage to find specific composition) and a need to wait for a full download of every composition, we like the chatbot, however, realizing (IMHO) the chatbot to be sooner a “mood” bot, than a super full catalog of classical music. We are afraid that most of people still use famous searching engines. Anyway, we may put 5 stars.